Design Portfolio

When I established Belle Jackson Design, the primary mission of the company was to create websites at a rate affordable to small businesses and sole proprietors who desired a web presence but lacked the means.  Since 2008, Belle Jackson Design has implemented the most current UI/UX techniques to make beautiful yet functional sites.  I utilize my skills in competitor analysis and buyer profiling to add value to the design process, offering SEO marketing, social media management, branding, and strategic consulting.



Academic Portfolio

I recently obtained my Master’s degree from the University of California. The Master of Information Management and Systems (MIMS) is a professional, interdisciplinary graduate degree program; requiring aspects of computer science, cognitive science, psychology, sociology, economics, business, law, information studies, and communications.  Projects completed include wearable and mobile application design and development, and software usability assessment.  My areas of research covered behavioral economics, and wearable biometric sensors.

I earned my Bachelor’s degrees from the University of California, Santa Cruz where the focus of my education was the economics and management of technology.  My projects completed included product design and development, supply chain management, and high-level firm strategies.  My areas of research covered telecommunications, eBusiness, eCommerce, and Learning Management Systems.


Graduate Program Final Project - Wearables and Wellbeing

Smartphone/smartwatch application, which used biometric sensors to measure and track physiological signals that reflect emotion such as heart rate, sweat, temperature, muscle tension, and breathing rate. Also monitored behavior associated with mood changes such as sleep quality, activity level, mobility and social interaction. Used generalized machine learning models to predict possible mood changes and suggested activities for early behavioral intervention.


User Interface Design - Wearable Communication

Design and Development of a wearable communication application targeted towards retail warehouse employees. The design process included group brainstorming, contextual inquiry, competitive analysis, use of scenario sketches and the creation of personas. Lo-Fi prototypes were created on paper, Hi-Fi interactive prototypes were constructed using Framer. Final application was built using the Android Mobile OS and Moto 360 Smartwatch. A Node.js server was built to facilitate communication between devices.

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OpenBAS: Usability Study

Needs and Usability Assessment - Building Automation

Usability assessment of OpenBAS, an open source building automation system currently under development at UC Berkeley. In conjunction with the client, our team decided on two objectives for this project: clarifying the target market, and prioritizing features. We used a combination of generative and formative research methods; heuristic evaluation, interviews, usability testing, diary study, card sorting, and participatory design.

Choice Archetype

Applied Behavioral Economics - Research Study

A research experiment testing individual preference for a particular decision-making process. We examined whether these choice archetypes could be determined by factors such as working memory capacity, socio-economics, or personality. First stage experiment built in Qualtrics and administered using Mechanical Turk. Participant’s working memory was tested using stimuli built with QRTEngine.

Mobile Manufacturing

Mobile Equipment Manufacturing

ECON 197: Management in the Global Economy

An individual research project on the consumer mobile communications market.  I analyzed the competitive environment of the market in the global economy - with a focus on sanctions and embargoes, patent regulation, and concerns regarding mobile security.  

Business Case for Online Education Program

Business Case for Online Education Program

TIM 158: Business Strategy and Information Systems

A proposal for the integration of an accredited online education program into the UC system.  I outlined current issues with State funding and made recommendations for action, expanding on the current UCOE solution.  I reviewed project feasibility, alternatives, objections, and provided cost benefit analysis. 

iPhone Gallery Application

iPhone Gallery Application

TIM 58: Systems Analysis and Design

A collaboration with a team of 5 in which I served as lead system designer to develop an iOS gallery application.  I created a UI storyboard, and developed a beta application in Xcode 4.0. 

Dimensions: 3DPlaza

TIM 205: Product Design & Development 

A project I managed working with a team of 8 graduate students that focused on the design, development and commercialization of a 3D imaging scanner.  We analyzed market needs and the competitive landscape, aligning the product with our company vision, mission and high-level strategies.  

Game Theoretical Model of Tax Evasion in the U.S.

Game Theoretical Model of Tax Evasion in the U.S.

ECON 166A: Game Theory

A collaboration with a group of 4 students on a game theoretical model of tax evasion in the U.S.  We devised games of strategic form, infinitely repeated and n-persons.  

Flash Sale Membership Sites

TIM 211: eBusiness - Technology and Strategy

A research partnership on the market of eCommerce Flash Sale Sites.  We analyzed the competitive landscape using Porter’s model of competitive forces and Eisenmann’s winner take all markets.  

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JED-i Corporation: Smart Transportation Design

TIM 225: Supply Chain Management 

A graduate project with 3 students to facilitate the supply chain design for a previously developed Transportation System.  We integrated competitive strategy and firm high-level drivers into supply chain strategy.  We forecasted demand and created a plan for long term supply chain management.